AWS Systems Manager
User Guide

Task 3: Create an Amazon EC2 Instance that Uses the Systems Manager Instance Profile

This procedure describes how to launch an Amazon EC2 instance that uses the instance profile you created in the previous topic, Task 2: Create an Instance Profile for Systems Manager. You can instead attach the instance profile to an existing instance. For more information, see Attaching an IAM Role to an Instance in the Amazon EC2 User Guide.

To create an instance that uses the Systems Manager instance profile (console)

  1. Open the Amazon EC2 console at

  2. In the navigation bar at the top of the screen, the current region is displayed. Select the region for the instance.

  3. Choose Launch Instance.

  4. On the Choose an Amazon Machine Image (AMI) page, locate the AMI for the instance type you want to create, and then choose Select.

  5. Choose Next: Configure Instance Details.

  6. On the Configure Instance Details page, in the IAM role drop-down list, choose the instance profile you created using the steps in Task 2: Create an Instance Profile for Systems Manager.

  7. Complete the wizard.

    For more information, see one of the following topics, depending on your instance type:

If you create other instances that you want to configure using Systems Manager, you must specify the instance profile for each instance.