AWS Systems Manager
User Guide

Assign Targets to a Maintenance Window (Console)

In this procedure, you register a target with a maintenance window. In other words, you specify which resources the maintenance window performs actions on.

To assign targets to a maintenance window (console)

  1. In the list of maintenance windows, choose the maintenance window you just created.

  2. Choose Actions, and then choose Register targets.

  3. For Target Name, enter a name for the targets.

  4. For Description, enter a description.

  5. For Owner information, specify your name or work alias. Owner information is included in any CloudWatch Events raised while running tasks for these targets in this maintenance window.

    For information about using CloudWatch Events to monitor Systems Manager events, see Monitoring Systems Manager Events with Amazon CloudWatch Events.

  6. In the Select targets by section, choose Specifying Tags to target instances by using Amazon EC2 tags that you previously assigned to the instances. Choose Manually Selecting Instances to choose individual instances according to their instance ID.


    If you don't see the instances that you'd like to target, verify that those instances are configured for Systems Manager. For more information, see Setting Up AWS Systems Manager.

  7. Choose Register targets.

If you want to assign more targets to this window, choose the Targets tab, and then choose Register new targets. With this option, you can choose a different means of targeting. For example, if you previously targeted instances by instance ID, you can register new targets and target instances by specifying Amazon EC2 tags.