Adding Change Calendar dependencies to Automation runbooks - AWS Systems Manager

Adding Change Calendar dependencies to Automation runbooks

To make Automation actions adhere to Change Calendar, a capability of AWS Systems Manager, add a step in an Automation runbook that uses the aws:assertAwsResourceProperty action. Configure the action to run GetCalendarState to verify that a specified calendar entry is in the state that you want (OPEN or CLOSED). The Automation runbook is only allowed to continue to the next step if the calendar state is OPEN. The following is a YAML-based sample excerpt of an Automation runbook that can't advance to the next step, LaunchInstance, unless the calendar state matches OPEN, the state specified in DesiredValues.

The following is an example.

mainSteps: - name: MyCheckCalendarStateStep action: 'aws:assertAwsResourceProperty' inputs: Service: ssm Api: GetCalendarState CalendarNames: ["arn:aws:ssm:us-east-2:123456789012:document/SaleDays"] PropertySelector: '$.State' DesiredValues: - OPEN description: "Use GetCalendarState to determine whether a calendar is open or closed." nextStep: LaunchInstance - name: LaunchInstance action: 'aws:executeScript' inputs: Runtime: python3.6 ...