AWS Systems Manager
User Guide

Setting Up AWS Systems Manager

This section describes tasks and prerequisites for setting up AWS Systems Manager. Use the following table to help you get started.

What do you want to do with Systems Manager? Set up tasks

Test it out / Play with it

  1. Verify permissions and create an instance profile role.

  2. Create one or more Amazon EC2 test instances (free tier) from one of the following Amazon Machine Images (AMIs):

    • Amazon Linux

    • Amazon Linux 2

    • Ubuntu Server 16.04

    • Ubuntu Server 18.04

    • Windows Server

    SSM Agent is installed by default on these AMIs. This means that choosing one of them simplifies your setup process for trying out Systems Manager. To configure your test instances to communicate with Systems Manager in the cloud, you only need to verify permissions and assign an instance profile role to the instances.


    If you want to try things out with a different supported operating system, you need to manually install SSM Agent on your instances. For information, see Manually Install SSM Agent on Amazon EC2 Linux Instances.

  3. Test out Systems Manager. Here are some walkthroughs to help you get started.


    Some of these walkthroughs require additional setup tasks, such as additional permissions, before you can complete them.

Use Systems Manager to manage and configure my existing EC2 instances
Use Systems Manager to manage and configure my servers and VMs in a hybrid environment