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Using Amazon Augmented AI with Amazon Textract

Amazon Augmented AI (Amazon A2I) enables you to build the workflows that are required for human review of machine learning predictions.

Amazon Textract is directly integrated with Amazon A2I so that you can easily get low-confidence results from Amazon Textract's AnalyzeDocument API operation reviewed by humans.

You can use Amazon Textract’s AnalyzeDocument API for form data extraction and the Amazon A2I console to specify the conditions under which Amazon A2I routes predictions to reviewers. The conditions are set based on the confidence threshold of important form keys. For example, you can send a document to a human to review if the key Name or its associated value Jane Doe was detected with low confidence.

Use the following sections to learn more about the Amazon A2I and Amazon Textract integration, and to learn how to add Amazon A2I human review loops to an Amazon Textract AnalyzeDocument job.