Limits in Amazon Textract - Amazon Textract

Limits in Amazon Textract

The following is a list of limits in Amazon Textract that you can't change.

Amazon Textract

  • The maximum document image (JPEG/PNG) size is 10 MB.

  • The maximum PDF file size is 500 MB.

  • The maximum number of pages in a PDF file is 3000.

  • The maximum PDF media size for the height and width dimensions is 40 inches or 2880 points.

  • The minimum height for text to be detected is 15 pixels. At 150 DPI, this would be equivalent to 8-pt font.

  • Documents can be rotated a maximum of +/- 10% from the vertical axis. Text can be text aligned horizontally within the document.

  • Amazon Textract only supports English text detection.

  • Amazon Textract doesn't support the detection of handwriting.

  • Amazon Textract synchronous operations (DetectDocumentText and AnalyzeDocument) support the PNG and JPEG image formats. Asynchronous operations (StartDocumentTextDetection, StartDocumentAnalysis) also support the PDF file format.

For information about limits you can change, see AWS Service Limits. To change a limit, see Create Case.