Queries - Amazon Textract


When provided a query, Amazon Textract provides a specialized response object. This object repeats the question back to the user along with the alias for the question. It then provides the confidence Amazon Textract has with the answer, a location of the answer on the page, and the text answer to the question. If no answer is found, this response element is kept blank.

Detected queries are returned as Block objects in the responses from AnalyzeDocument and GetDocumentAnalysis. You can use the FeatureTypes input parameter to retrieve information about key-value pairs, tables, or Queries. For general information about how a document is represented by Block objects, see Text Detection and Document Analysis Response Objects.

The following shows a diagram of how a query response is represented in Block objects.

Following is an example for a query response as part of a full response of document analysis.

{ "BlockType": "QUERY", "Id": "77cfbd28-168a-40fc-9c8a-863ba3066bd2", "Relationships": [ { "Type": "ANSWER", "Ids": [ "21396475-27ee-4da7-965b-f7631ef60fcc" ] } ], "Query": { "Text": "What is the patient first name?", "Alias": "PATIENT_FIRST_NAME" } }, { "BlockType": "QUERY_RESULT", "Confidence": 1.0, "Text": "ALEJANDRO", "Id": "21396475-27ee-4da7-965b-f7631ef60fcc" }

We have compiled a list of example queries for common documents in the Example Queries document.