saveResponse - AWS IoT Things Graph


The following GraphQL shows the definition for the saveResponse service that is available in the AWS IoT Things Graph console. This service is used in Creating a flow with Lambda functions.

This definition assumes that the wordCount service is already defined.

{ # The saveResponseAction takes the response of the wordCount service as input and saves it to a location # in Amazon S3 that is specified in the AWS Lambda function that the service exposes. type saveResponseAction @actionType(id: "urn:tdm:aws/examples:action:saveResponseAction") { response: wordCountResponse @property(id: "urn:tdm:aws/examples:property:wordCountResponse") } # The saveResponse capability. type saveResponseCapability @capabilityType(id: "urn:tdm:aws/examples:capability:saveResponseCapability") { save: saveResponseAction @action(id: "urn:tdm:aws/examples:action:saveResponseAction") } # Service definition for saveResponse. It's implemented as an AWS IoT Greengrass Lambda function. query saveResponse @service(id: "urn:tdm:aws/examples:Service:saveResponseLambda") { AwsLambda { saveResponseCapability(id: "urn:tdm:aws/examples:capability:saveResponseCapability") { Action(name: "save") { params { param(name: "response", property:"urn:tdm:aws/examples:property:wordCountResponse") } InvokeGreengrassLambda { Request(arn: "$macro(arn:aws:lambda:${systemConfig.awsRegion}:${systemConfig.awsAccountId}:function:SaveToS3:1)") { params { param(name: "response", property:"urn:tdm:aws/examples:property:wordCountResponse", value: "${response.value}") } } } } } } } }