Configuring the JDBC Driver for Timestream - Amazon Timestream

Configuring the JDBC Driver for Timestream

Follow the steps below to configure the JDBC driver.

Timestream JDBC driver JARs

You can obtain the Timestream JDBC driver via direct download or by adding the driver as a Maven dependency.

  • As a direct download:. To directly download the Timestream JDBC driver, complete the following steps:

    1. Navigate to

    2. You can use amazon-timestream-jdbc-1.0.1-shaded.jar directly with your business intelligence tools and applications

    3. Download amazon-timestream-jdbc-1.0.1-javadoc.jar to a directory of your choice.

    4. In the directory where you have downloaded amazon-timestream-jdbc-1.0.1-javadoc.jar, run the following command to extract the Javadoc HTML files:

      jar -xvf amazon-timestream-jdbc-1.0.1-javadoc.jar
  • As a Maven dependency: To add the Timestream JDBC driver as a Maven dependency, complete the following steps:

    1. Navigate to and open your application's pom.xml file in an editor of your choice.

    2. Add the JDBC driver as a dependency into your application's pom.xml file:

      <!-- --> <dependency> <groupId></groupId> <artifactId>amazon-timestream-jdbc</artifactId> <version>1.0.1</version> </dependency>

Timestream JDBC driver class and URL format

The driver class for Timestream JDBC driver is:

The Timestream JDBC driver requires the following JDBC URL format:


To specify database properties through the JDBC URL, use the following URL format:


Sample Application

To help you get started with using Timestream with JDBC, we’ve created a fully functional sample application in GitHub.

  1. Create a database with sample data following the instructions described here.

  2. Clone the GitHub repository for the sample application for JDBC following the instructions from GitHub.

  3. Follow the instructions in the README to get started with the sample application.