AWS Toolkit for Eclipse
User Guide

New AWS Lambda Java Project Dialog

The New Lambda Java Project dialog helps you to create and configure a new Java project that you can use to author a Lambda function.

Launching the dialog

The New Lambda Java Project dialog can be launched in the following ways:

  • by opening the AWS menu in the Eclipse toolbar and selecting New AWS Lambda Java project....

  • by selecting File ‣ New ‣ Other... in the Eclipse menu, and then choosing AWS ‣ AWS Lambda Java Project in the resulting dialog.

Create Project Dialog user interface

Project name

Required. You must provide a name for your project.

Package name

An optional name for your Java package. It must be a valid Java package name, such as "com.mycompany.myproject". When you enter the package name in the text entry field, it will be added to the contents of the Source Preview window.

Default: None, this parameter is optional.

Class name

Required. The name that identifies the Java class that contains your Lambda code. It must be a valid Java class name. The default value is generic; you can specify your own name here or change the Package name to avoid conflicts with similarly-named classes.

Default: LambdaFunctionHandler

Input type

Required. The type of input that will be used to call your Lambda function. You can select a category from the drop-down list:

  • S3 Event– receives an event from Amazon S3 event.

  • SNS Event– receives an event from Amazon SNS.

  • Kinesis Event– receives an event from an Amazon Kinesis stream.

  • Cognito Event– receives an event from Amazon Cognito.

  • Custom– receives an event from custom code. If you set the input type to Custom, then you can also set the name of the custom input type in the box next to the type selection. By default, the generic Object type is used.


    The custom input type must be a valid Java class name, and not a primitive type such as int, float, and so on. You can use Java's standard boxed types (Integer, Float, ...) for these cases.

    Use the Custom input type for setting up event sources such as the following:

Default: S3 Event

Output type

The output type. This must be a valid Java object.

Default: Object