Profiles and Window Binding - AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio

Profiles and Window Binding

Profiles and Window Binding for the Toolkit for Visual Studio

When working with the publishing tools, wizards, and other features of the Toolkit for Visual Studio, take note of the following:

  • The AWS Explorer window is bound to a single profile and region at a time. Windows opened from the AWS Explorer default to that bound profile and region.

  • After a new window has been opened, you can use that instance of the AWS Explorer to switch to a different profile or region.

  • The Toolkit for Visual Studio publishing tools and features automatically default to the profile and region set in the AWS Explorer.

  • If a new profile or region is specified in a publishing tool, wizard, or feature: all resources created afterwards will continue to use the new profile and region settings.

  • If you have multiple instances of Visual Studio open, each instance can be bound to a different profile and region.

  • The AWS Explorer saves the last profile and region that were specified and the very last Visual Studio instance closed will have its values persisted.