AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio
User Guide

Creating a AWS CloudFormation Template Project in Visual Studio

To create a template project

  1. In Visual Studio, choose File, choose New, and then choose Project.

  2. In the New Project dialog box, choose Installed, choose AWS, and then choose AWS Cloud Formation Project.

  3. In Name, type the name of your template project.

  4. On the Select Project Source page, choose the source of the template you will create:

    • Create with empty template generates a new, empty AWS CloudFormation template.

    • Create from existing AWS |CFN| stack generates a template from an existing stack in your AWS account. (The stack doesn't need to have a status of CREATE_COMPLETE.)

    • Select sample template generates a template from one of the AWS CloudFormation sample templates.

  5. To complete the creation of your AWS CloudFormation template project, choose Finish.