AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio
User Guide

Setting Launch Permissions on an Amazon Machine Image

You can set launch permissions on your Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) from the AMIs view in AWS Explorer. You can use the Set AMI Permissions dialog box to copy permissions from AMIs.

To set permissions on an AMI

  1. In the AMIs view in AWS Explorer, open the context (right-click) menu on an AMI, and then choose Edit Permission.

  2. There are three options available in the Set AMI Permissions dialog box:

    • To give launch permission, choose Add, and type the account number for the AWS user to whom you are giving launch permission.

    • To remove launch permission, choose the account number for the AWS user from whom you are removing launch permission, and choose Remove.

    • To copy permissions from one AMI to another, choose an AMI from the list, and choose Copy from. The users who have launch permissions on the AMI you chose will be given launch permissions on the current AMI. You can repeat this process with other AMIs in the Copy-from list to copy permissions from multiple AMIs into the target AMI.

      The Copy-from list contains only those AMIs owned by the account that was active when the AMIs view was displayed from AWS Explorer. As a result, the Copy-from list might not display any AMIs if no other AMIs are owned by the active account.

    Copy AMI permissions dialog box