AWS CDK for VS Code - AWS Toolkit for VS Code

AWS CDK for VS Code

This is prerelease documentation for a feature in preview release. It is subject to change.

The AWS CDK service enables you to work with AWS Cloud Development Kit (AWS CDK) applications, or apps. You can find detailed information about the AWS CDK in the AWS Cloud Development Kit (AWS CDK) Developer Guide.

AWS CDK apps are composed of building blocks known as constructs, which include definitions for your AWS CloudFormation stacks and the AWS resources within them. Using the AWS CDK Explorer, you can visualize the stacks and resources that are defined in AWS CDK constructs. This visualization is provided in a tree view in the Developer Tools pane within the Visual Studio Code (VS Code) editor.

This section provides information about how to access and use AWS CDK in the VS Code editor. It assumes that you've already installed and configured the Toolkit for VS Code for your local IDE.