Navigating the AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio Code - AWS Toolkit for VS Code

Navigating the AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio Code

This topic describes how to navigate in the AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio Code. Be sure to first install the toolkit before reading this topic.

For general information about the Visual Studio Code user interface (UI), see the UI documentation for VS Code.

Fundamental UI Components

The Toolkit for VS Code is available from your VS Code Activity Bar. To open the Toolkit for VS Code AWS navigation pane in your VS Code Explorer, choose the AWS icon from the VS Code Activity Bar. The AWS navigation pane contains two main section headings:

  • The EXPLORER menu heading, which expands the AWS Explorer.

  • The CDK (PREVIEW) menu heading, which expands the AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK) Explorer.

The AWS Explorer

The AWS Explorer is the main navigation pane for the Toolkit.

Your AWS services and resources are available through the AWS Explorer and are organized by region.

  1. From your AWS Explorer, choose the EXPLORER menu heading to expand the Region selector navigation pane.

  2. Choose a region to expand a list of your AWS services associated with that region.

  3. Choose an AWS service to view its associated features and resources.

For additional information about the AWS Explorer, the Region selector, and the AWS services available from the Toolkit, see the user guide Working with AWS Services in the AWS Explorer.

The AWS CDK Explorer

This is prerelease documentation for a feature in preview release. It is subject to change.

The AWS CDK Explorer is a navigation pane which displays your AWS CDK applications. For detailed information about the AWS CDK Explorer and features, see the user guide AWS CDK for VS Code.

Toolkit for VS Code commands

The Toolkit for VS Code has its own set of VS Code commands. You can view a list of these commands from the VS Code Command Pallette.

Visual Studio Code Command Palette

The VS Code Command Palette is a reference tool that contains all of the VS Code commands currently associated with your instance of VS Code. The Command Palette includes all of the default commands that were installed with the current version of your VS Code IDE, as well as any additional commands that are associated with any VS Code extensions that you've installed.

TO view a list of the commands that are exclusive to your instance of the Toolkit for VS Code, you can use a search filter from the VS Code Command Palette. View menu. Or use the following shortcuts:

  1. From the VS Code Main Menu choose the View heading.

  2. Choose a Command Palattte to open the Command Palattte menu.

  3. From the input field enter the text: AWS. As you type the text, the Command Palattte starts filtering and displays all of the commands associated with your search.

You can also open the Command Palattte by keyboard shortcut.

  • Windows and Linux – Press Ctrl+Shift+P.

  • macOS – Press Shift+Command+P.

AWS Explorer Menu

The AWS Explorer has a More Actions menu that contains the most common commands for working with AWS services, as well as information about the current version of your Toolkit.

To open the More Actions menu, start from the AWS navigation pane.

  1. Choose the EXPLORER heading, to expand the AWS Explorer.

  2. Choose the . . . icon, located next to the expanded EXPLORER heading, to expand the More Actions menu.