Subtitles - Amazon Transcribe


Generate subtitles for your media file with your transcription request.

You can choose a start index of 0 or 1, and you can specify either WebVTT or SubRip (or both) as your output format.

Note that your subtitle files are placed in the same location as your transcription output.



Specify the output format for your subtitle file; if you select both WebVTT (vtt) and SubRip (srt) formats, two output files are generated.

Type: Array of strings

Valid Values: vtt | srt

Required: No


Specify the starting value that is assigned to the first subtitle segment.

The default start index for Amazon Transcribe is 0, which differs from the more widely used standard of 1. If you're uncertain which value to use, we recommend choosing 1, as this may improve compatibility with other services.

Type: Integer

Valid Range: Minimum value of 0. Maximum value of 1.

Required: No

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