SubtitlesOutput - Transcribe


Provides information about your subtitle file, including format, start index, and Amazon S3 location.



Provides the format of your subtitle files. If your request included both WebVTT (vtt) and SubRip (srt) formats, both formats are shown.

Type: Array of strings

Valid Values: vtt | srt

Required: No


Provides the start index value for your subtitle files. If you did not specify a value in your request, the default value of 0 is used.

Type: Integer

Valid Range: Minimum value of 0. Maximum value of 1.

Required: No


The Amazon S3 location of your transcript. You can use this URI to access or download your subtitle file. Your subtitle file is stored in the same location as your transcript. If you specified both WebVTT and SubRip subtitle formats, two URIs are provided.

If you included OutputBucketName in your transcription job request, this is the URI of that bucket. If you also included OutputKey in your request, your output is located in the path you specified in your request.

If you didn't include OutputBucketName in your transcription job request, your subtitle file is stored in a service-managed bucket, and TranscriptFileUri provides you with a temporary URI you can use for secure access to your subtitle file.


Temporary URIs for service-managed Amazon S3 buckets are only valid for 15 minutes. If you get an AccesDenied error, you can get a new temporary URI by running a GetTranscriptionJob or ListTranscriptionJob request.

Type: Array of strings

Length Constraints: Minimum length of 1. Maximum length of 2000.

Pattern: (s3://|http(s*)://).+

Required: No

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