LanguageWithScore - Amazon Transcribe


The language code that represents the language identified in your audio, including the associated confidence score. If you enabled channel identification in your request and each channel contained a different language, you will have more than one LanguageWithScore result.



The language code of the identified language.

Type: String

Valid Values: en-US | en-GB | es-US | fr-CA | fr-FR | en-AU | it-IT | de-DE | pt-BR | ja-JP | ko-KR | zh-CN | hi-IN | th-TH

Required: No


The confidence score associated with the identified language code. Confidence scores are values between zero and one; larger values indicate a higher confidence in the identified language.

Type: Double

Required: No

See Also

For more information about using this API in one of the language-specific AWS SDKs, see the following: