Enabling speaker partitioning - Amazon Transcribe

Enabling speaker partitioning

To enable speaker partitioning in Amazon Transcribe Medical, use speaker diarization. This enables you to see what the patient said and what the clinician said in the transcription output.

When you enable speaker diarization, Amazon Transcribe Medical labels each speaker utterance with a unique identifier for each speaker. An utterance is a unit of speech that is typically separated from other utterances by silence. In batch transcription, an utterance from the clinician could receive a label of spk_0 and an utterance the patient could receive a label of spk_1.

If an utterance from one speaker overlaps with an utterance from another speaker, Amazon Transcribe Medical orders them in the transcription by their start times. Utterances that overlap in the input audio don't overlap in the transcription output.

You can enable speaker diarization when you transcribe an audio file using batch transcription job, or in a real-time stream.