Amazon Transcribe
Developer Guide

Step 3: Getting Started Using the Console

The easiest way to get started with Amazon Transcribe is to submit a job using the console to transcribe an audio file. If you haven't reviewed the concepts and terminology in How Amazon Transcribe Works, we recommend that you do that before proceeding.

Create a Transcription Job

Use the Amazon Transcribe console to create a transcription job for your audio files.

  1. Provide the following information:

    • Transcription job name—A name for the job. The name must be unique within your AWS account.

    • Amazon S3 input URL—The Amazon S3 location of your input audio file. The location must be in the same region as the endpoint that you are calling.

    • Language—Choose the language of your input file. Amazon Transcribe can transcribe English and Spanish audio files.

    • Format—The format of the audio file. For best results you should use a lossless format such as FLAC or WAV with PCM 16-bit encoding.

    • Media sampling rate (Hz)—Optional. The bit sampling rate of the audio file. Amazon Transcribe accepts sample rates between 8000 Hz and 48000 Hz. For best results, you should use 8000 Hz for low-fidelity audio and 16000 for high-fidelity audio.

    The following shows the Create Transcription Job filled out for a sample job.

                        The Create Transcription Job form filled out for a sample
  2. Choose Create to submit the job for processing.

View a Transcription Job

Completed transcription jobs are displayed in a list that contains a brief description of the job. The Availability column shows the remaining time that the job results will be kept on the server. Jobs are kept for 90 days and then deleted from the system.

                A list of transcription jobs.

Choose a job in the list to see information about the job.

The information page about the transcription job has three sections. The Detail section provides details about the transcription job, including the name, information about when the job will be deleted from the server, and the input and output URLs. Use the output URL to download the output from your transcription job.

The Output section contains the transcription of the audio submitted to Amazon Transcribe. You can download the transcription by choosing the Download transcription button.

                The first two sections of the job description page.

The Code samples section contains the JSON input for the StartTranscriptionJob operation and the output from the GetTranscriptionJob operation.

                The code samples section of the job description page.

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