Amazon Transcribe
Developer Guide

Getting Started (AWS Command Line Interface)

In the following exercise, you use the AWS Command Line Interface (AWS CLI) to transcribe speech into text. To complete this exercise, you need to:

To transcribe text, you have to provide the input parameters in a JSON file.

To transcribe text

  1. Copy your input speech to an S3 bucket. The location must be in the same region as the endpoint that you are calling. This example assumes that the file is in an S3 bucket named test-transcribe and that the file name is answer2.wav.

  2. Create a JSON file named test-start-command.json that contains the input parameters for the StartTranscriptionJob operation.

    { "TranscriptionJobName": "request ID", "LanguageCode": "en-US", "MediaFormat": "wav", "Media": { "MediaFileUri": "https://S3 endpoint/test-transcribe/answer2.wav" } }
  3. In the AWS CLI, run the following command. The example is formatted for Unix, Linux, and macOS. For Windows, replace the backslash (\) Unix continuation character at the end of each line with a caret (^).

    aws transcribe start-transcription-job \ --region region \ --cli-input-json file://test-start-command.json

    Amazon Transcribe responds with the following:

    { "TranscriptionJob": { "TranscriptionJobName": "request ID", "LanguageCode": "en-US", "TranscriptionJobStatus": "IN_PROGRESS", "Media": { "MediaFileUri": "https://S3 endpoint/test-transcribe/answer2.wav" }, "CreationTime": timestamp, "MediaFormat": "wav" } }

To list transcription jobs

  • Run the following command:

    aws transcribe list-transcription-jobs \ --region region \ --status IN_PROGRESS

    Amazon Transcribe responds with the following:

    { "Status": "IN_PROGRESS", "TranscriptionJobSummaries": [ { "TranscriptionJobName": "request ID", "LanguageCode": "en-US", "CreationTime": timestamp, "TranscriptionJobStatus": "IN_PROGRESS" } ] }

To get the results of a transcription job

  1. When the job has the status COMPLETED, get the results of the job. Type the following command:

    aws transcribe get-transcription-job \ --region region \ --transcription-job-name "request ID"

    Amazon Transcribe responds with the following:

    { "TranscriptionJob": { "TranscriptionJobName": "request ID", "LanguageCode": "en-US", "TranscriptionJobStatus": "COMPLETED", "Media": { "MediaFileUri": "input URI" }, "CreationTime": timestamp, "CompletionTime": timestamp, "Transcript": { "TranscriptFileUri": "output URI" } } }
  2. Use the output URI to get the transcribed text from the audio file. The following is the output from transcribing a short audio clip:

    { "jobName":"job ID", "accountId":"account ID", "results": { "transcripts":[ { "transcript":" that's no answer" } ], "items":[ { "start_time":"0.180", "end_time":"0.470", "alternatives":[ { "confidence":0.84, "content":"that's" } ], "type": "pronunciation" }, { "start_time":"0.470", "end_time":"0.710", "alternatives":[ { "confidence":0.99, "content":"no" } ], "type": "pronunciation" }, { "start_time":"0.710", "end_time":"1.080", "alternatives":[ { "confidence":0.874, "content":"answer" } ], "type": "pronunciation" } ] }, "status":"COMPLETED" }