Opting out of using your data for service improvement - Amazon Transcribe

Opting out of using your data for service improvement

By default, Amazon Transcribe stores and uses voice inputs that it has processed to develop the service and continuously improve your experience. You can opt out of having your content used to develop and improve Amazon Transcribe by using an AWS Organizations opt-out policy. For information about how to opt out, see AI services opt-out policies.

Opting out has the following effect:

  • Amazon Transcribe deletes all of the transcripts stored in service-managed buckets that were generated before you opted out.

  • When you use the StartTranscriptionJob API, you must specify where you want to store output with the OutputBucketName parameter. Otherwise, you get a BadRequestException error.

  • If the transcripts were stored in a service-managed bucket, the GetTranscriptionJob API returns null as the value of the TranscriptFileUri or RedactedTranscriptFileUri parameters.

If you store transcripts in service-managed buckets, we highly recommend backing them up. To back up your transcripts, store them in an Amazon S3 bucket that you manage before you opt out. To see which of your transcription jobs uses Amazon Transcribe to store its outputs, see the OutputLocationType response parameter of the ListTranscriptionJobs API.

To move transcripts to your own Amazon S3 buckets

  1. In the TranscriptionJobName parameter of the GetTranscriptionJob API, specify the name of the transcription job whose output you want to back up.

  2. Use the link provided in the TranscriptFileUri or RedactedTranscriptFileUri response parameters to download your transcript.

  3. Sign in to the AWS Management Console.

  4. In the Bucket name list, choose the name of the bucket that you want to upload your files to.

  5. Choose Upload.

  6. In the Upload dialog box, choose Add files.

  7. Choose one or more files to upload, and then choose Open.

  8. Choose Upload.