WorkflowStep - AWS Transfer Family


The basic building block of a workflow.



Details for a step that performs a file copy.

Consists of the following values:

  • A description

  • An S3 location for the destination of the file copy.

  • A flag that indicates whether or not to overwrite an existing file of the same name. The default is FALSE.

Type: CopyStepDetails object

Required: No


Details for a step that invokes a lambda function.

Consists of the lambda function name, target, and timeout (in seconds).

Type: CustomStepDetails object

Required: No


Details for a step that deletes the file.

Type: DeleteStepDetails object

Required: No


Details for a step that creates one or more tags.

You specify one or more tags: each tag contains a key/value pair.

Type: TagStepDetails object

Required: No


Currently, the following step types are supported.

  • COPY: Copy the file to another location.

  • CUSTOM: Perform a custom step with an AWS Lambda function target.

  • DELETE: Delete the file.

  • TAG: Add a tag to the file.

Type: String

Valid Values: COPY | CUSTOM | TAG | DELETE

Required: No

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