AWS Transfer for SFTP
User Guide

Sign In to the AWS SFTP Console for the First Time

Use the procedures following to create an AWS account and sign in to the AWS Transfer for SFTP service for the first time.

To sign in to AWS SFTP for the first time

  1. Use one of the following methods to navigate to the AWS Transfer for SFTP console:

    • Enter into your browser's address bar.

    • Go to the AWS Management Console, sign in and type AWS Transfer into the search box.

  2. Enter your account ID or alias for Account ID or alias.

  3. Enter the name of the user role you created for SFTP for IAM user name.

  4. Enter your AWS account password for Password. The sign-in screen should look like the following.

  5. Choose Sign In.

The first time you sign in to the AWS Transfer for SFTP console, you see the first-time landing page shown following. You also see this page when you are in an AWS Region in which you have not yet created an SFTP server. When an SFTP server exists in an AWS Region, you don't see this first-time landing page again. Instead, you go directly to the Servers page to continue your work.