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Using brevity in Amazon Translate

When translating between languages, there are times when the translation output is longer (in character count) than desired. Longer output can cause a problem in some scenarios (such as captions, subtitles, headlines, or form fields), if there is no space for extra characters.

You can turn on the brevity setting when you run real-time text translations with Amazon Translate. Brevity reduces the length of the translation output for most translations (compared to the translation output without brevity).

Using the brevity setting

You can use the brevity setting with real-time text translation. Amazon Translate doesn't support brevity for real-time document translation or for asynchronous translation jobs.

To use brevity in a real-time text translation request, do one of the following:

  • Console – In the Text tab of the Real-time translation page, under Additional settings, choose the Brevity setting.

  • AWS CLI – In the translate-text command, set brevity in the --settings parameter to Brevity=ON. For more information, see translate-text in the AWS CLI Command Reference.

  • AWS API – In the TranslateText API operation, configure brevity in the Settings parameter.

Supported languages

Amazon Translate supports brevity for the following language pairs:

  • From any source language to one of the languages in the following table.

  • From any of the languages in the following table to English.

Language Language code
French fr
German de
Italian it
Portuguese (Brazil) pt
Spanish es

If you request brevity for translation with an unsupported language pair, the translation proceeds with the brevity setting turned off.