Amazon Translate
Developer Guide

Guidelines and Limits

Supported Regions

For a list of AWS Regions where Amazon Translate is available, see the AWS Region Table or AWS Regions and Endpoints in the Amazon Web Services General Reference.


For information about throttling for Amazon Translate and to request a limit increase, see Amazon Translate Limits in the Amazon Web Services General Reference.

  • Throttle rate per operation:




    20 transactions per second (TPS) per language pair, 10kb per 10 seconds per language pair


    5 TPS


    10 TPS


    10 TPS


    5 TPS


Amazon Translate may store your content to continuously improve the quality of its analysis models. See the Amazon Translate FAQ to learn more.

You can request the deletion of existing data and that future data associated with your account not be stored by contacting AWS Support. However, deleting your data may degrade your Amazon Translate results because it can remove unique training data that is helpful in improving results for your content.

Service Limits

Amazon Translate has the following service limitations:

Description Limit
Character encoding UTF-8
Document size (UTF-8 characters) 5,000 bytes

Custom terminologies

Terminology file size 10 Mb
Maximum number of target languages per terminology file 10 target languages
Maximum number of existing terminologies per AWS account per region 100 terminologies
Maximum source text length per term 200 bytes
Maximum target text length per term 200 bytes
Maximum number of terms in the applied terminologies of a TranslateText response 250*

* The 250 terms are the first 250 terms matched in the source text. This limit is not per terminology, but rather for all terminologies used in a given TranslateText request. Currently, the number of terminologies in a TranslateText request is limited to 1.