Amazon Translate
Developer Guide

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Guidelines and Limits

The following sections contain information about Amazon Translate guidelines and limits.

Supported AWS Regions

For a list of AWS Regions that support Amazon Translate, see the AWS Region Table or AWS Regions and Endpoints in the Amazon Web Services General Reference.


For more information about Amazon Translate compliance programs, see AWS Compliance, AWS Compliance Programs, and AWS Services in Scope by Compliance Program.


For information about throttling for Amazon Translate or to request a limit increase, see Amazon Translate Limits in the Amazon Web Services General Reference.


To continuously improve the quality of its analysis models, Amazon Translate might store your data. To learn more, see the Amazon Translate FAQ.

You can request that we delete your data and that future data associated with your account isn't stored by contacting AWS Support. However, because deleting your data can also delete unique training data that is helpful in improving translation, doing so might reduce the quality of your translations.

Service Limits

Amazon Translate has the following service limitations.

Description Limit
General Limits
Character encoding UTF-8
Document size (UTF-8 characters) 5,000 bytes

Custom Terminology Limits

Custom terminology file size 10 Mb
Maximum number of target languages per custom terminology file 10
Maximum number of custom terminologies per AWS account per AWS Region 100
Maximum source and target text length per custom terminology term 200 bytes
Maximum number of terms from acustom terminology source text applied to a TranslateText request 256*

*Amazon Translate uses the first 256 terms matched in a termonology source file. This limit applies across all terminologies used in a TranslateText request. At this time, you can use a maximum of 1 terminology file per TranslateText request.