Amazon Virtual Private Cloud
VPC Peering

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Deleting a VPC Peering Connection

Either owner of a VPC in a peering connection can delete the VPC peering connection at any time. You can also delete a VPC peering connection that you've requested that is still in the pending-acceptance state.

Deleting a VPC in the Amazon VPC console that's part of an active VPC peering connection also deletes the VPC peering connection. If you have requested a VPC peering connection with a VPC in another account, and you delete your VPC before the other party has accepted the request, the VPC peering connection is also deleted. You cannot delete a VPC for which you have a pending-acceptance request from a VPC in another account. You must first reject the VPC peering connection request.

To delete a VPC peering connection

  1. Open the Amazon VPC console at

  2. In the navigation pane, choose Peering Connections.

  3. Select the VPC peering connection, and choose Actions, Delete VPC Peering Connection.

  4. In the confirmation dialog box, choose Yes, Delete.

To delete a VPC peering connection using the command line or an API