Accept and reject endpoint connection requests - Amazon Virtual Private Cloud

Accept and reject endpoint connection requests

After you create an endpoint service, service consumers for which you've added permission can create an interface endpoint or Gateway Load Balancer endpoint to connect to your service. For more information, see Interface VPC endpoints (AWS PrivateLink) and Gateway Load Balancer endpoints (AWS PrivateLink).

If you specified that acceptance is required for connection requests, you must manually accept or reject endpoint connection requests to your endpoint service. After an endpoint is accepted, it becomes available. Be aware that it can take time for a validation status change to be completed and the state to be available.

You can reject an endpoint connection after it's in the available state.


To accept or reject a connection request using the console

  1. Open the Amazon VPC console at

  2. In the navigation pane, choose Endpoint Services and select your endpoint service.

  3. The Endpoint Connections tab lists endpoint connections that are currently pending your approval. Select the endpoint, choose Actions, and choose Accept endpoint connection request to accept the connection or Reject endpoint connection request to reject it.


The view the endpoint connections that are pending acceptance, use the describe-vpc-endpoint-connections command and filter by the pendingAcceptance state.

aws ec2 describe-vpc-endpoint-connections --filters Name=vpc-endpoint-state,Values=pendingAcceptance
{ "VpcEndpointConnections": [ { "VpcEndpointId": "vpce-0c1308d7312217abc", "ServiceId": "vpce-svc-03d5ebb7d9579a2b3", "CreationTimestamp": "2017-11-30T10:00:24.350Z", "VpcEndpointState": "pendingAcceptance", "VpcEndpointOwner": "123456789012" } ] }

To accept an endpoint connection request, use the accept-vpc-endpoint-connections command and specify the endpoint ID and endpoint service ID.

aws ec2 accept-vpc-endpoint-connections --service-id vpce-svc-03d5ebb7d9579a2b3 --vpc-endpoint-ids vpce-0c1308d7312217abc

To reject an endpoint connection request, use the reject-vpc-endpoint-connections command.

aws ec2 reject-vpc-endpoint-connections --service-id vpce-svc-03d5ebb7d9579a2b3 --vpc-endpoint-ids vpce-0c1308d7312217abc
AWS Tools for Windows PowerShell

Use Confirm-EC2EndpointConnection and Deny-EC2EndpointConnection.


Use AcceptVpcEndpointConnections and RejectVpcEndpointConnections.