Transit gateway attachments to a Direct Connect gateway - Amazon VPC

Transit gateway attachments to a Direct Connect gateway

Attach a transit gateway to a Direct Connect gateway using a transit virtual interface. This configuration offers the following benefits. You can:

  • Manage a single connection for multiple VPCs or VPNs that are in the same Region.

  • Advertise prefixes from on-premises to AWS and from AWS to on-premises.

The following diagram illustrates how the Direct Connect gateway enables you to create a single connection to your Direct Connect connection that all of your VPCs can use.

       Direct Connect Gateway Connected to Transit Gateway

The solution involves the following components:

  • A transit gateway.

  • A Direct Connect gateway.

  • An association between the Direct Connect gateway and the transit gateway.

  • A transit virtual interface that is attached to the Direct Connect gateway.

For information about configuring Direct Connect gateways with transit gateways, see Transit gateway associations in the AWS Direct Connect User Guide.