Monitor your transit gateways - Amazon Virtual Private Cloud

Monitor your transit gateways

You can use the following features to monitor your transit gateways, analyze traffic patterns, and troubleshoot issues with your transit gateways.

CloudWatch metrics

You can use Amazon CloudWatch to retrieve statistics about data points for your transit gateways as an ordered set of time series data, known as metrics. You can use these metrics to verify that your system is performing as expected. For more information, see CloudWatch metrics for your transit gateways.

VPC Flow Logs

You can use VPC Flow Logs to capture detailed information about the traffic going to and from the VPCs that are attached to your transit gateways. For more information, see VPC Flow Logs in the Amazon VPC User Guide.

CloudTrail logs

You can use AWS CloudTrail to capture detailed information about the calls made to the transit gateway API and store them as log files in Amazon S3. You can use these CloudTrail logs to determine which calls were made, the source IP address where the call came from, who made the call, when the call was made, and so on. For more information, see Logging API calls for your transit gateway using AWS CloudTrail.