Transit Gateway Network Manager - Amazon Virtual Private Cloud

Transit Gateway Network Manager

Transit Gateway Network Manager (Network Manager) enables you to centrally manage your networks that are built around transit gateways. You can visualize and monitor your global network across Regions and on-premises locations.

Network Manager concepts

The following are the key concepts for Network Manager:

  • global network — A single, private network that acts as the high-level container for your network objects.

  • device — Represents a physical or a virtual appliance in an on-premises network, data center, AWS Cloud, or other cloud providers.

  • connection — Represents connectivity between two devices. The connection can be between a physical or virtual appliance and a third-party virtual appliance inside a VPC, or it can be between physical appliances in an on-premises network.

  • link — Represents a single internet connection from a site.

  • site — Represents a physical on-premises location. It could be a branch, office, store, campus, or a data center.

How to get started with Network Manager

Use the following resources to help you use Network Manager.


There are no additional fees for using Network Manager. You are charged the standard fees for the network resources that you manage in your global network (such as transit gateways).