Active Directory authentication - AWS Client VPN

Active Directory authentication

Client VPN provides Active Directory support by integrating with AWS Directory Service. With Active Directory authentication, clients are authenticated against existing Active Directory groups. Using AWS Directory Service, Client VPN can connect to existing Active Directories provisioned in AWS or in your on-premises network. This allows you to use your existing client authentication infrastructure. If you are using an on-premises Active Directory and you do not have an existing AWS Managed Microsoft AD, you must configure an Active Directory Connector (AD Connector). You can use one Active Directory server to authenticate the users. For more information about Active Directory integration, see the AWS Directory Service Administration Guide.

Client VPN supports multi-factor authentication (MFA) when it's enabled for AWS Managed Microsoft AD or AD Connector. If MFA is enabled, clients must enter a user name, password, and MFA code when they connect to a Client VPN endpoint. For more information about enabling MFA, see Enable Multi-Factor Authentication for AWS Managed Microsoft AD and Enable Multi-Factor Authentication for AD Connector in the AWS Directory Service Administration Guide.

For quotas and rules for configuring users and groups in Active Directory, see Users and groups quotas.