Android and iOS - AWS Client VPN

Android and iOS

The following procedure shows how to establish a VPN connection using the OpenVPN client application on an Android or iOS mobile device. The steps for Android and iOS are the same.


For more information about the OpenVPN client application for Android, see the FAQ regarding OpenVPN Connect Android on the OpenVPN website.

Before you begin, ensure that your Client VPN administrator has created a Client VPN endpoint and provided you with the Client VPN endpoint configuration file.

To establish a VPN connection

  1. Start the OpenVPN client application and choose OVPN Profile.

						iOS and Android step 1
  2. Select the configuration file you received from your Client VPN administrator and choose Import. If you received the configuration file as a .ovpn attachment in a mail, you can open the file using OpenVPN.

						iOS and Android step 2
  3. Choose Add.

						iOS and Android step 3
  4. Choose the toggle next to the OpenVPN profile.

						macOS and Android step 4
  5. To view the connection log file, choose Log File (top-right corner).