OverrideAction - AWS WAFV2


The override action to apply to the rules in a rule group. Used only for rule statements that reference a rule group, like RuleGroupReferenceStatement and ManagedRuleGroupStatement.

Set the override action to none to leave the rule actions in effect. Set it to count to only count matches, regardless of the rule action settings.

In a Rule, you must specify either this OverrideAction setting or the rule Action setting, but not both:

  • If the rule statement references a rule group, use this override action setting and not the action setting.

  • If the rule statement does not reference a rule group, use the rule action setting and not this rule override action setting.



Override the rule action setting to count.

Type: CountAction object

Required: No


Don't override the rule action setting.

Type: NoneAction object

Required: No

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