RegexPatternSetUpdate - AWS WAFV2



This is AWS WAF Classic documentation. For more information, see AWS WAF Classic in the developer guide.

For the latest version of AWS WAF, use the AWS WAFV2 API and see the AWS WAF Developer Guide. With the latest version, AWS WAF has a single set of endpoints for regional and global use.

In an UpdateRegexPatternSet request, RegexPatternSetUpdate specifies whether to insert or delete a RegexPatternString and includes the settings for the RegexPatternString.



Specifies whether to insert or delete a RegexPatternString.

Type: String

Valid Values: INSERT | DELETE

Required: Yes


Specifies the regular expression (regex) pattern that you want AWS WAF to search for, such as B[a@]dB[o0]t.

Type: String

Length Constraints: Minimum length of 1. Maximum length of 512.

Pattern: .*

Required: Yes

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