AWS Shield pricing - AWS WAF, AWS Firewall Manager, and AWS Shield Advanced

AWS Shield pricing

AWS Shield Standard is included with your AWS services at no additional cost.

AWS Shield Advanced pricing is detailed on the AWS Shield Advanced Pricing page. The additional cost for AWS Shield Advanced includes basic AWS WAF protections for the resources that you protect with AWS Shield Advanced. Basic AWS WAF protections include your web ACLs, the rule groups that you manage, and any AWS Managed Rules that are provided free of charge with AWS WAF. AWS Shield Advanced costs do not cover additional paid features for AWS WAF, such as the use of the AWS WAF Bot Control rule group or AWS Marketplace rule groups.

AWS Shield Advanced charges do not increase with attack volume. This provides a predictable cost for your extended protection.

The AWS Shield Advanced fee applies for each business that is subscribed to AWS Shield Advanced. If your business has multiple AWS accounts, you pay just one Shield Advanced monthly fee as long as all the AWS accounts are in the same Consolidated Billing account family. Further, you must own all the AWS accounts and resources in the account.

However, AWS Channel Resellers will pay a separate monthly fee for each member account. AWS Channel Resellers who resell AWS Shield Advanced to customers with more than one member account may contact us for additional billing support. With respect to such AWS Channel Resellers, AWS reserves the right to modify the monthly fee for AWS Shield Advanced. For more information, see the AWS Shield Advanced Pricing page.