CAPTCHA and Challenge actions in AWS WAF - AWS WAF, AWS Firewall Manager, and AWS Shield Advanced

CAPTCHA and Challenge actions in AWS WAF

You can configure your AWS WAF rules to run a CAPTCHA or Challenge action against web requests that match your rule's inspection criteria.

  • CAPTCHA requires the end user to solve a CAPTCHA puzzle to prove that a human being is sending the request.

  • Challenge runs a silent challenge that requires the client session to verify that it's a browser, and not a bot. The verification runs in the background without involving the end user. This is a good option for verifying clients that you suspect of being invalid without negatively impacting the end user experience with a CAPTCHA puzzle.

    The Challenge rule action is similar to the challenges in the application integration SDKs, described at AWS WAF client application integration.


You are charged additional fees when you use the CAPTCHA or Challenge rule action in one of your rules or as a rule action override in a rule group. For more information, see AWS WAF Pricing.

After the user or client responds successfully, the script running the CAPTCHA or challenge automatically resubmits the original web request with the updated token.

For a description of rule action settings, see AWS WAF rule action.