Assigning an Amazon WAM Application to Users and Groups - Amazon WorkSpaces Application Manager

Assigning an Amazon WAM Application to Users and Groups

After you add an application to the application catalog, you can assign it to one or more users or groups.

When you assign an application to a group, only users who are direct members of the group receive the assigned applications. Users who are members of sub-groups of the assigned group do not receive the assigned applications.

To assign an application to a user or group

  1. Open the WorkSpaces console at and choose Applications in the navigation pane.

  2. Set the source to Your own applications if the application is an uploaded application or AWS Marketplace if the application is a subscribed application.

  3. Select up to five applications to assign, and then choose Actions, Assign application(s) to users.

  4. On the Select users page, do the following:

    1. For Directory, select the AWS Directory Service directory that you used for the WorkSpaces.

    2. For Type, select the type of entity to search for in the directory (users or groups).

    3. (Optional) For Fields containing, type all or part of the user or group name. Leave this field empty to search for all users or groups in the directory.

    4. Choose Search.

    5. Select the checkboxes for the users or groups, and then choose the right arrow icon (>) to add them to the list

    6. Choose Next.

  5. On the Configure assignment options page, do the following. Note that you can change the default options only if you are using Amazon WAM Standard.

    1. For Version, select the version of the application.

    2. For Installation Type, select the installation type. Note that required applications are installed on a user's WorkSpace automatically when the user starts the Amazon WorkSpaces Application Manager client application, while the user must install optional applications manually.

    3. For Auto update, indicate whether applications should be updated to new versions automatically.

    4. Choose Review.

  6. On the Review page, review the assignments, make any changes needed, and choose Confirm and assign.