Amazon WorkSpaces Application Manager
Administration Guide

Amazon WAM Application Issues

The following are possible issues that you might have with Amazon WAM applications.

I assigned applications to a user, but I don't see the user in the usage report

You won't see the user in the usage report until the user has launched the Amazon WorkSpaces Application Manager client application for the first time. For more information, see Users.

I assigned applications to a user, but the user has no apps yet

The WorkSpace must have at least one of the following certificate authorities (CA) installed and enabled:

  • Amazon Root CA 1

  • Starfield Services Root Certificate Authority - G2

  • Starfield Class 2 Certificate Authority

Verify that at least one of these CAs is installed and enabled.

I need to manage User Access Control on Windows

For apps that trigger UAC input, the behavior with Amazon WAM is similar to natively installed apps. Amazon WAM does not introduce any changes. You can manage UAC through the same policies that you regularly use for managing user permissions.

For apps that use a script as part the of application installation (for example, KMS activation), the script can be set to run as local system administrator. If the user on a WorkSpace is not a local administrator, Amazon WAM requires the following two registry settings to be set to allow the script to execute within the package:

  • HKLM\SOFTWARE\Amazon\StreamingCore\Settings\AppEvent\AllowLocalSystem,DWORD,"1"

  • HKLM\SOFTWARE\Amazon\StreamingCore\Settings\Driver\PhysicalLayerMode,DWORD,"1"

I need to perform HTTPS Proxy Inspection on my WorkSpaces

All Amazon WAM endpoints are accessed over port 443 (HTTPS). If you are routing WorkSpace outbound traffic using a corporate proxy and performing HTTPS content inspection, we recommend that you exclude the Amazon WAM endpoints to prevent validation or latency issues.

For Amazon WAM to function correctly, the following endpoints must be accessible over HTTPS:




  • *


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