Amazon WorkSpaces Application Manager
Administration Guide

General Issues

The following are general issues that you might have when packaging an application.

My users see a warning message about an alternate data stream (ADS)

Users may receive warning messages about alternate data streams (ADS) when their application starts in WorkSpaces. In most cases, these messages are not a serious problem and can be ignored. In rare cases, the application may require an ADS to use a particular file. In this case, the package should exclude the file from the sandbox. Set the disposition of the file to Installed-permanent (layer 1) or Installed-temporary (layer 2).

To exclude a file from the sandbox and set the disposition

  1. In Amazon WorkSpaces Application Manager Studio, choose the Files tab on the top of the project pane.

  2. Open the context menu (right-click) for the file and choose Exclude.

  3. Open the context menu (right-click) for the file and choose Properties.

  4. In the Properties dialog box, choose Installed-permanent (layer 1) or Installed-temporary (layer 2) under Disposition and OK.

My folder, which should have files from other applications, contains only files from my application

Your folder is a root folder whose contents are only visible to the application in the package. To see the files from other applications in the unmerged folder, update the package, and configure the folder to be a merged folder. A merged folder makes files from other application visible to all applications. To change an unmerged folder into a merged folder, open the context (right-click) menu for the unmerged folder in the Files tab, and then choose Merged Folder.