Missing Shortcut, File, and Folder Issues - Amazon WorkSpaces Application Manager

Missing Shortcut, File, and Folder Issues

The following are possible issues with missing shortcuts, files, and folders.

My shortcut is missing

If the shortcut files are missing after the application has been installed, verify the following:

  • For the shortcut to appear on the Start menu, the shortcut should be located in the CommonPrograms or UserPrograms folder.

  • For the shortcut to appear on the Windows desktop, the shortcut file should be located in the CommonDesktop or UserDesktop folder.

  • The Disposition setting for the shortcut files and folders should be set to Virtual-integrated (layer 3). This allows that shortcut to be accessible on the client computer's operating system.

  • The security setting on the shortcut files should not have the Hide from folder listing option selected. If this option is selected, the shortcut files will not be visible on the client computer.

My shortcut is a blank window

If the desktop icon for the application is a blank Windows icon, the executable file for the application may be set to Prevent Copying under Security settings in the File Properties dialog box. This is normal behavior with this setting and the application functions normally.

The text is in the wrong font

Most applications come with their own program fonts. Fonts do not appear if an application is packaged with Inject fonts for use only by the application selected under Virtualization in the Settings dialog box. Private fonts are only used in the application if it is launched from the Amazon WorkSpaces Application Manager Studio.

To make private fonts available to all applications

  1. In Amazon WorkSpaces Application Manager Studio, choose the Projects tab on the top of the project pane.

  2. Under 3. Optional settings, choose Settings.

  3. In the Settings dialog box, choose Virtualization. Under Fonts, choose Register fonts for system-wide use and OK.

In addition to the Fonts tab, registered fonts can be found in the following locations:

  • In the fonts directory in SystemFonts on the Files tab.

  • In the following registry key on the Registry tab:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Fonts

My folders and files are not in the application in my WorkSpace

If you package an application to an install folder that has the same name as a folder used in a WorkSpace, the folder in the WorkSpace may disappear. This can also affect files under common folders marked with Virtual-integrated (layer 3) disposition for integrated, but not merged.

To fix an existing application package with missing folders and files

  1. Use a unique name for the install folder.

  2. In Amazon WorkSpaces Application Manager Studio, choose the Files tab on the top of the project pane.

  3. Open the context (right-click) menu and then choose Properties.

  4. In the File Properties dialog box, choose Virtual-isolated (layer 4) under Disposition and OK.