Amazon WorkSpaces Application Manager
Administration Guide

Packaging 7-Zip Using Amazon WAM

To create a package, launch a packaging instance and a validating instance on Amazon EC2 and then create and validate a new package. For more information, see the following topics:

To create a package

To create a new package, use Windows Remote Desktop to connect to your package instance and then use Amazon WorkSpaces Application Manager Studio to create the package. For more information, see Connecting to Your Windows Instance Using RDP.

  1. Go to the 7-Zip download page and download the Windows installer for 7-Zip.

  2. Double-click the desktop shortcut to start the Amazon WorkSpaces Application Manager Studio.

  3. On the Amazon WorkSpaces Application Manager Studio dashboard, choose New.

  4. Under 1. Application settings, do the following:

    • For Title, enter the name of the application. This text appears in the Dashboard tab and in the Amazon WorkSpaces Application Manager Studio, to identify this application.

      For Description, enter a short description for the application.

  5. In 2. Application Installation, select an operating system and choose Install.

  6. In the Capture Application Installation dialog box, do the following:

    • For Installer path, enter the path to the 7-Zip installer.

    • For Capture file and registry activity for the following processes, select Installer process and sub-processes only.

    • Select Ignore changes under the Installer path specified above.

    • For After capturing is complete, do the following actions during the merge, select Replace short path names with long ones in the registry.

    • Choose Launch.

    The installer for 7-Zip starts after you choose Launch. Follow the steps in the installer wizard to complete the installation.

  7. Choose the Files tab and do the following:

    • In the <ProgramFiles64>\7-Zip directory, open the context (right-click) menu for 7-zip.dll and choose Properties.

    • In the File Properties dialog box, select Installed temporary (layer 2) and then choose OK.

  8. To ensure that Windows Explorer does not hold a reference to 7-zip.dll when the application is removed from the WorkSpace, create a configurable AppEvent that deregisters the file by using a batch file.

    To create the batch file, do the following:

    • On the packaging instance desktop, start Notepad.

    • Type the following and save the file to the desktop as unreg_7zip.bat.

      @echo off regsvr32 /s /u "c:\Program Files\7-Zip\7-zip.dll"

    To create the configurable AppEvent, do the following:

    • In Amazon WorkSpaces Application Manager Studio dashboard, under 3. Optional settings, choose Settings.

    • In the Settings dialog box, choose Configurable AppEvents.

    • In the Configurable AppEvent Setting dialog box, do the following:

      • Under Trigger, choose Before deactivation.

      • In File name under Handler command line, choose the unreg_7zip.bat file you created earlier.

      • Under Handler launching, select Run elevated (only supported on Windows Vista or later).

      • Under After launching, select Wait for the handler to exit. In time out after, type 5 and select minute(s).

      • Choose OK.

    • Choose OK.

  9. Skip 3. Optional settings.

  10. Choose Save in the toolbar to save the application package project.

  11. Select the Project tab. In 4. Package Build, do the following:

  12. In 5. Package upload, choose Upload and then Close.