Amazon WorkSpaces Application Manager
Administration Guide

Step 2: Create an Application Package

After you launch a packaging instance, you'll connect to it and use it to create an application package.

To create an application package

  1. Connect to the packaging instance. For more information, see Connecting to Your Windows Instance in the Amazon EC2 User Guide for Windows Instances.

  2. Download the Windows installer for the application to be packaged.

  3. Choose the Amazon WAM Studio shortcut on the desktop of your packaging instance.

  4. In the toolbar, choose New.

  5. For Application Package Information, do the following:

    1. For Package title, type the name of the application.

    2. For Description, type a description.

  6. For Application Installation, select the target operating system for the application.

  7. For Optional Settings, choose Settings. You can keep the default settings or make any changes that you need. For more information, see the following:

  8. For Package Build Information, do the following:

    1. For Package build label, type a label for the package. This is displayed in the Amazon WAM console as the version label.

    2. Choose Launch Settings and specify the command line and compatibility settings for the application. Note that this is the command used to launch the application, not the application installer. After you upload a package, you cannot modify the command line. If your package doesn't have a primary application, use explorer.exe.

    3. For Working folder, specify the working folder for the applications.

  9. In the toolbar, choose Save.

  10. After saving the application package, capture the application installation. For more information, see Step 3: Capture the Application Installation.