Removing All Application Assignments - Amazon WorkSpaces Application Manager

Removing All Application Assignments

The Amazon WAM service automatically registers itself with an AWS Directory Service directory. This allows Amazon WAM to access the directory and prevents the directory from being deleted while it is in use by Amazon WAM. Before you can delete the directory that your WorkSpaces are assigned to, you must remove all Amazon WAM application assignments in the directory and deregister Amazon WAM from the directory. To make this task easier, the Amazon WAM console provides the ability to remove all application assignments and deregister itself from a directory in a single operation.


Even if you do not have any application assignments, you must perform the following procedure to deregister Amazon WAM from a directory.

To remove all application assignments and deregister Amazon WAM from a directory
  1. Open the WorkSpaces console at and choose Usage in the navigation pane.

  2. In the Usage page, choose the Users tab.

  3. Under Directory, choose the directory. All of the directory users that have assigned applications are displayed in the list.


    Users are not displayed in the list until they have connected to their WorkSpace after the Amazon WorkSpaces Application Manager client application has been installed.

  4. Choose Remove all assignments. The process to remove all application assignments and deregister the directory is initiated immediately. The entire process takes 10 to 15 minutes to complete. After all applications assignments have been removed, the service is deregistered from the directory, which is removed from the list of directories in the Users tab.

If you are unable to delete the directory after following this procedure, other applications or services might be registered to the directory. For more information, see Delete a Directory in the Amazon WorkSpaces Administration Guide.