Amazon WorkSpaces Application Manager
Administration Guide

Step 2: Validate the Application Package

After the validation instance is launched, use it to validate your pending application packages. AWS recommends that you launch an entirely new validation instance for each application package that is created.

To validate an application package

  1. Using a Remote Desktop client, connect to the validation instance. The remaining instructions are performed on the validation instance.

  2. Launch the Amazon WAM Admin Player and select Pending Apps in the navigation bar. Any applications that need to be validated are displayed.

  3. Select the application package to be validated. If the package is a new package, click Install. If the package is a new version of an existing package that is already installed on the instance, click Upgrade. The application is installed or upgraded on the validation instance.

  4. Launch the application as your users will, and verify that it works correctly.

    If the application package does not install or run as expected, you can update the package by creating a package update and validating the update. For more information, see Creating an Application Update.

  5. Click Approve to mark the package as testing completed.

Using the application package, you can now create a new application, or create a new version of an existing application. For more information about creating a new application, see Uploading an Application. For more information about creating a new version of an existing application, see Create a New Version.