Amazon WorkSpaces Application Manager
Administration Guide

Creating a New Application Version

In addition to creating new application packages, you can also create new versions of existing packages. This is particularly useful for distributing patches and updates for your applications. AWS recommends that you launch an entirely new packaging instance for each application package version that is created.

After the packaging instance is launched, use it to create a new application package version. If an application patch is being created, you can reuse a packaging instance that only has the application being patched installed on it.

Creating an Application Update

An application update (or patch) is an update to an existing application that requires that the application already be installed. AWS recommends using this approach to apply security updates, application updates, and minor version upgrades.

To create an application update

  1. Using a Remote Desktop client, connect to your packaging instance. The remaining instructions are performed on the packaging instance.

  2. Download the update installer or new application version to the instance.

  3. Launch the Amazon WorkSpaces Application Manager Studio by opening the desktop shortcut.

  4. In the Amazon WorkSpaces Application Manager Studio Dashboard, select the application to create an update for.

  5. Choose Update on the Amazon WorkSpaces Application Manager Studio toolbar. If the application is already installed in the instance, you will see a message box that the files on the instance will be overwritten by the files in the package. Choose Yes. The message box displays a list of files that were overwritten.


    If you double-click the package or choose Open, the package opens in read-only mode. You cannot update the package in this mode.

  6. Capture the upgrade installation as described in Step 3: Capture the Application Installation.

  7. If you need to modify any of the optional settings, choose Settings and modify any packager settings that are required. In most cases, the default settings are used.

  8. In the Package build label field of the Package Build Information section, enter the label for the new version. In the Version notes (optional) filed, enter a description for the new version.


    You cannot change the command line for a package that has been uploaded. If you need to modify the command line, you need to create an entirely new package.

  9. Upload the new package version as described in Step 4: Upload the Application Package.

The new version of the application package is now ready for validation. The new version cannot be assigned to users until the validation is completed. For more information, see Validating an Application Package with Amazon WAM.