COST04-BP01 Track resources over their lifetime - AWS Well-Architected Framework (2022-03-31)

COST04-BP01 Track resources over their lifetime

Define and implement a method to track resources and their associations with systems over their lifetime. You can use tagging to identify the workload or function of the resource.

Level of risk exposed if this best practice is not established: High

Implementation guidance

Decommission workload resources that are no longer required. A common example is resources used for testing, after testing has been completed, the resources can be removed. Tracking resources with tags (and running reports on those tags) will help you identify assets for decommission. Using tags is an effective way to track resources, by labeling the resource with its function, or a known date when it can be decommissioned. Reporting can then be run on these tags. Example values for feature tagging are feature-X testing to identify the purpose of the resource in terms of the workload lifecycle.

Implementation steps

  • Implement a tagging scheme: Implement a tagging scheme that identifies the workload the resource belongs to, verifying that all resources within the workload are tagged accordingly.

  • Implement workload throughput or output monitoring: Implement workload throughput monitoring or alarming, triggering on either input requests or output completions. Configure it to provide notifications when workload requests or outputs drop to zero, indicating the workload resources are no longer used. Incorporate a time factor if the workload periodically drops to zero under normal conditions.


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