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Operational analytics

Operational analytics refers to inter-disciplinary techniques and methodologies that aim to improve day-to-day business performance in terms of increasing efficiency of internal business processes and improving customer experience and value. Business analysts used the traditional analytics systems to recognize the business trends and identify the decisions. But by using the operational analytics systems, they can initiate such business actions based on the recommendations that the systems provide. They can also automate the execution processes to reduce the human errors. This makes the system go beyond being descriptive to being more prescriptive and even being predictive in nature.

Enterprises often have diverse and complex IT infrastructure. Challenges arise when trying to identify sources to extract from or identify what operational data captures the state of an analytics application. Traditionally this data came from logging information emanating from different parts of the system. Modern environments include trace and metric data along with log data. Trace data captures the user request for resources as it passes through different systems all the way to the destination and the response back to the user. Metric data contain various measurements that provide insight into the health or operational state of these systems. The combination of these form a rich set of diverse operational data that analytics application can be built on.