Cost optimization pillar - Container Build Lens

Cost optimization pillar

The cost optimization pillar includes the continual process of refinement and improvement of a system over its entire lifecycle. From the initial design of your first proof of concept to the ongoing operation of production workloads, adopting the practices in this document can enable you to build and operate cost-aware systems that achieve business outcomes and minimize costs, thus allowing your business to maximize its return on investment.

When developing and building applications that will be run as containers, be aware of the cost-effective aspect of the container build process. Similar to writing application code, building a container image for your application can be done quickly, but will probably be much less cost-efficient to build, run, and operate. The best practices and techniques laid out in this section of the whitepaper will guide you to implement changes into the process of building container images that will help you reduce costs for building, running, and operating your container images.